Microwave Radar Smart Human Body Sensor Switch DC 5V 10M 180° Degree


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1. Smart sensor: When human move into sensing range, it will output High TTL level in one delay period.Then restore to Low TTL level.
2. Smart delay: If human move before sensor again, module will keep output High TTL level in one delay period until move away,
3. Radar can be ON or OFF by sound/light signal or another control signal.

1. power supply voltage: 5VDC;
2. working current: <5MA;
3. module size: 18*16MM
4. the transmission power: < 2mW;
5. the output signal: TTL (>3V)
6. sensing distance: about 10 meters;
7. detection angle: 180 degrees;
8. the time delay: 10S-120S adjustable (default 30s)

1. Security
2. Intelligent Lighting
3. Body sensors toys
4. Industrial automation and control
5. Auto-sensing electrical equipment
6. Battery-powered automatic control