Yaskawa Servo Motor and Driver (SGMM-A2S313+SGDF-A2CS)



  • Condition:           used and Good


  • Brand:                  Yaskawa
  • Model Number:   SGMM-A2S313
  • Motor type:         Servo
  • Current:           24v 2A
  • Watt:                   20w 
  • Original:            Japan


  • Brand:     Yaskawa
  • Model:    SGDF-A2CS
  • Driver:    Servo
  • Current: 24v 2A
  • Watt:     20(27) w
  • Made:   Japan

Package include.

  1. Motor
  2. Driver
  3. Incoder wire (12feet length)
  4. I-O wire
  5. Power wire
  6. Motor power wire(12 feet length) and complete jack.
  7. Note: only one piece in our stock

This item keep in servo star pack.

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