1.5kw ER11 Water Cooled Engraving Machine Spindle Motor 24000RPM


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1. Small noise
2. Large torque
3. High speed
4. High precision nuts
5. Stainless steel housing

Power: 1.5KW
Current: 7A
Frequency: 400Hz
Cooling method: Water-cooled
Speed: 24000rpm
Clamp Range: 1-10mm
Chuck nuts: ER11-A 6mm
Cone hole vibration: 2UM
Lubrication Method: High-speed high temperature
Weight: 4.7kg
Voltage: 220V
Bearing type: 7004DTP4*2 7002DTP4*2

Connection way:
Line 1,2,3 connect U V W of a frequency converter, line 4 is earth wire.
Plug welding interface has a gap, gap upward,the top is 1, left and right is 2, 3, the bottom is 4.