2.2″ Inch Bend Flex Sensor for Robotic Arm Power Glove


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  • Condition: New
  • Model:  SEN-03606
  • Made:   USA

This is a bending sensor, 2.2”(5.6CM), when the sensor of the metal for the external bending, the sensor’s resistance will change, which can detect the bending degree.

Technical specification:
Straight state resistance: 25K ohm
Resistance value tolerance: 30%
Bending resistance change: 45K ~ 125K
Ohm rated power: 0.5
Watt Peak Power: 1 watts
Working temperature: -35 ~ +80 degrees Celsius
Length x width: 73.66×6.35mm
Interface type: 2-Pin metal pin (spacing 0.1 “)

Package Included:

1 * Bending sensor.