Arduino Development Complete Kit for Professionals with Maximum Components


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Items include:

1x Wiro board 830 pinout high quality

1x DHT-11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

1x Buzzer

1x Battery 9 Volts standard

1x 2.1 X 5.5mm Male Dc Plug 9V Battery Clip Snap For Arduino

1x SG-90 Servo Motor mini Color Blue

10x 10K resistors 1/4 w

10x 330 Ω resistors 1/4 w

1x Keypad 4×4, hexadecimal characters

1x Stepper gear + Motor

1x Stepper Motor Driver

1x IR remote control RC 5 protocols

1x IR remote control receiver

1x LCD Display 162 Color Green

1x 7 segment 1 digit LED display Color Red

1x 7 segment 3 digits LED display Color Red

1x Arduino 328 UNO

1x Good quality Arduino universal wire

20x Jumpering wires Male to Male 20cm

20x Jumpering wires Female to Male 20cm

20x Jumpering wires Female to Female 20cm

1x Rain sensor FR-04

1x Relay module Single Channel 5 volt

1x RFID reader RC522 13.56 MHz

2x RFID card of 13.56 MHz frequency

1x RFID tag keychain 13.56 MHz frequency

20x Headers standard (male)

5x LED lights colour Yellow 5mm

5x LED lights colour Red 5mm

5x LED lights colour Green 5mm

1x Ultrasonic sensor module HC-SR04

1x Motion sensor module

1x Smoke sensor module

2x LDR resistors



Note: On-demand kit customization is also available for minimum 5 kits order.