H801 RGB WiFi Controller LED Dimmer, 5V-24V DC



  1.    Introduction

H801WiFi communicates with Android cell phone via WiFi to achieve the adjustment function. Router can be set as an access point, you can connect the phone and H801WiFi to the same router. once phone and H801WiFi are connected to the router, you can also set H801WiFi as a wireless access point so that another H801WiFi can connect to it, this way, multiple H801WiFi can be connected wirelessly to extend the distance control and increase the number of the controller.

2. Features

(1). Connect and control lamps easily by LED Dimmer.

(2). RGBWW output, 5 PWM data paths, each route max 4A.

(3). Update frequency is 500HZ.

(4). Support 802.11 b / g / n.

(5). Fast transmission, the sensitive response.

(6). H801WiFi can be controlled separately.

(7). More phones can control H801WiFi at the same time.

(8). Built-in dozens of effects.

3. Specifications

Input voltage: DC5 ~ 24V

Consumption: 0.5 W

dimensions: 93mm x 46mm x 20mm

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