Infranor Servo Driver with Stritorque Servo Motor


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Driver details: Infranor AC Brushless Servo Drives (CD1-a Series)

For over 25 years, Infranor has been manufacturing servo amplifiers for industrial servo applications. The modular designs provide solutions for either multi-axis rack configurations or plugable into self-contained power blocks with integral power supply and braking regulator circuitry. All amplifiers have a number of application specific options, which can eliminate the requirement for a separate motion controller and may be interfaced directly with a programmable controller. Distributed control is available through various field buses.

The CD1-a Series all digital servo modules are PWM servo amplifiers that provide speed control for AC sinusoidal motors (brushless) with a transmitter resolver.

The CD1-a system is available as a stand-alone single-axis block including all supplies as well as the mains filter, and is 230 VAC or 400/480 VAC mains operated.

  • Voltage (Input): 230 VAC; 480 VAC
  • Feedback (Type): Resolver


Servo Motor details:

Make: Stritorque

Country of manufacturer: Sweden

Rotation: 3000 RPM

DC Rail: < 750V


This is a set of motor and driver, can be used for computer controlled machines.


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