SPDIF coaxial fiber WM8805 receiver board I2S output aligned



Supports sampling frequency 32KHZ ~ 192KHZ

2. The default output format IIS / 24BIT can also be changed to 24 left, 16 right-justified formats, MCLK frequency 256FS, most suitable DAC, can also be used for existing SPDIF receiving section upgrades, DAC portion can also be used to retrofit CD player

3. You can select active or passive crystal (default is active crystal)

The default is the I2S 16-bit or 24 MCLK and support to the DAC directly connected 256FS

5. DC 5V ~ 12V power supply

6. work in hardware control mode, set aside soft control interface, support SPI and I2C mode,

7. a coaxial and an optical input

8. send a conduct coaxial switch optical converter and output data with one cable

Very suitable for friends like DIY use, high playability
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