5 Axis CNC Breakout Board Interface For Stepper & Servo Motor




5 Axis CNC Breakout Board description:

The maximum matching 5-axis stepper motor driver
The two-stage signal processing, signal transmission smooth, powerful anti-jamming
5 input interface to define the emergency stop, limit, points in the knife, etc.
Relay output control interface, can be accessed by the spindle motor or the air pump, water pump, etc
Five-axis job LED display, visual display products, working condition
Board size:10×8.2×1.5cm(approx)

Electrical Parameters:

  • Input Power
  • 5V DC power supply or computer USB to take power
  • Work axis stepper
  • Received the highest 5-axis independent driving
  • Drive
  • Pulse + direction + enable signal.
  • Weight About 200g

Package includes:

  • CD for manual, for MAC3 software, Interfacing and MAC Manual
  • CNC
  • USB for power source, USB to Mini USB port cable

Manual is also provided on demand.

Mach 3 Software: Download