12 Volt 6.8 Ampere Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery


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This super capacity battery box performs little resistance, Over-charge super storing capacity,multi-recyclable times and non-memory. With its multi-protective device, the inner circuit prevents the box from over-recharging or over-discharging.Under the monitor of our computer, the quality can be assured.
This Rechargeable battery is a 12V 6800mah Li-ion Battery and it is specially designed for powering the system device which uses 12V DC power. You can use this battery to power our powerful wireless transmitter, CCTV camera, PTCL modems and so on. Suitable for your need.

Battery type: Rechargeable Li-on battery
Capacity: 6800mAh
Input voltage: 12.6V
Output voltage: 12.6-10.8V DC
Specially designed for the system devices which use 12V power
Built-in ON/OFF switch to save power usage
Super storage capacity
Large mah value means long battery

Over charge/discharge protection
With working indicator
Suitable for all 12V devices


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