220 X 220mm Aluminum MK2 MK3 12V Heated Bed With Hotbed Wire


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Condition: New

Voltage: 12V

Resistance: 1.2 ohm

Size: 220mm X 220mm

Thickness: 3mm

Wires Length: 90cm

Feature of heated bed:
1, the whole board full gold process, the cost is much higher than the spray tin plate!
2, the whole board after optical short circuit, open circuit detection.
3, heating table and aluminum substrate into one, better temperature stability.
4, the new circuit, power supply power stability.
5.Aluminum MK2 MK3 heated bed is the updated version of MK2B & MK2A.

Feature of heated bed cable:
1. Additonal positive and negative wires to utilise all of the heatbed pins and reduce load.
2. Silicone stranded wires for better flexibility and wear.

Package Include:

1 X 3D printer heated bed
1 X 90cm heatbed wire


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