A9G GPRS GPS BDS Module Development Board GPS Antenna SMS Voice Wireless


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Basic phone / SMS, GPRS networking communications, GPS / BDS dual-mode positioning capabilities

Contains a lithium battery charging management, microphone, speaker interface, USB communication interface, multiple user keys/led, TF card slot, accelerometer, SPI interface, I2C2 interface, ADC interface

Can connect external 30W / 200W camera
Can add a traditional slot machine

Use GPRS + GPS, as well as acceleration sensors for vehicle immobilizer.
Remote monitoring intercom using GSM and microphone/speakers
Use GPRS / GSM + GPS, for Smartwatch with 1.54 “capacitive touch screen, heart rate oximeter sensor, 1.54-inch capacitive touch screen monitor the elderly
Use GPRS + TF + camera extension board remote monitoring camera
Wechat payment slot machine scheme using a slot machine
Using onboard features, custom device based on Lua programming

Package Included:

1 X GPRS GSM GPS BDS A9 Development Board
1 X GSM Antenna
1 X GPRS Antenna
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