Capacitive Touch Switch Button 2.7 V to 6 V Module


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1, no mechanical parts, no
Wear, unlimited life expectancy, reduce maintenance costs;
2. The sensing part can be placed in any insulation layer (usually glass or plastic material), easy to make, the environment sealed keyboard, play a moisture-proof, waterproof effect;
3. Panel design to follow one
The tendency, arbitrary button size, shape, pattern, text, trademarks and other perspectives with the arbitrary window, so that the overall sense of the product stronger;
4. Compared with the physical buttons, touch the button is not easy to damage;
5. Can change the back of the resistor, adjust the signal output lock output or keep the output (see 3.3.2 rainfall distribution 10-12);
6. + 2.7V ~ + 6V wide input voltage range, +3.3 V output signal can be directly used to drive relays, optocouplers, original LED lights;
7. – 30 ~ + 70 ℃ operating temperature range;
8. Touch sensing, no lag, delay, flash,
and other adverse reactions;
9. The built-in anti-jamming algorithm, with good anti-jamming performance.

Pin definitions and parameters:
Operating voltage: + 2.7 ~ 6V Operating temperature: 30 ~ + 70 degrees Celsius Output pin output voltage: + 3.3V ± 0.1VOUT pin Maximum output current: 500mA

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