Capacitor ESR DCR Tester IN Circuit Capacitance Meter


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This ESR meter can be used to test electrolytic capacitors without removal from the circuit. Microprocessor Controlled and probe resistance set to zero correction, Automatic gain correction.

Use LiFePO4 battery,Built-in charging module. Need not replacement battery.
Short press: power on
Long press(about 1sond):power off
Double press changes ESR/DCR


Range: 0.00 – 25 Ω
Capacitance range: >0.47uf
Accuracy: ± 1% + 1 digit
Frequency: 100 KHz
Test signal: Square pulse
Protection: 400V DC
Power drain: 80mw (Auto power off about 5 minutes)
Battery: LiFePO4 3.2v (included)
Dimensions: 125x80x32 (mm)

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