CNC Machine Complete Kit Wood Router Student Project K02


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Item Code: K02


Stepper Motor:

Condition: Used

Model: TS3653N3E9

Voltage: 3V  3A

Stepper Driver:

Condition: Used

Model: PMD-422UD

Voltage: 24V  4A

Phase: 2

CNC Breakout Board Mach3:

Condition: New

External Wide voltage Input: 12-24V

Parallel Port Cable:

Condition: New

Length: 4.6 Feet

Pin: 25

Power Supply:

condition: Used

Output Voltage: 24V  14.6A

Limit Switch:

condition: Used

Rating Current: 10A

Voltage: 125-250V AC

Package Include:

3 X Stepper Motors

3 X Stepper Drivers

3 X Limit Switch

1 X Power Supply

1 X CNC Breakout Board Mach3

1 X 25-Pin Parallel Port Cable

Note: Other items of CNC related are also available.


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