CNC Single Axis TB6600 0.2 – 5A Two Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver Controller


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This item is a high-performance micro-stepping driver based on the latest original TOSHIBA high-efficiency TB6600HG IC. The TB6600HG adopts single-chip PWM bipolar sinusoidal chopper to ensure the low vibration and high efficiency. Moreover, the brand new design with BiCD0.13 (50V) process technology on the chipset also ensures maximum 5.0A output current and 50V output withstand voltage. Consequently, as long as the current range of the stepper motor is within 0.2-5 amps, all the 2 Phase or 4 Phase of Nema17, Nema23, Nema24 and Nema34 stepper motors will work perfectly with this new-type TB6600HG Stepper Driver
– average current control, two-phase sinusoidal current drive output
– DC 12 ~ 48V power supply, the internal integration of 12V and 5V regulator
– optically isolated signal input/output
– overvoltage, under voltage, over current, and white short-circuit protection
– Input voltage DC 12 ~ 48V input
– The input current of 1 to 5 amps, select the drive a stepper motor.
– Output current of 0.2A ~ 5A
– Temperature Operating Temperature -10 to 45 C; Storage temperature -40C to 70C
– Humidity not condensing, not drops
– Gas prohibit combustible gas and conductive dust
– Weight 200 grammes


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