Digital Laser tachometer LCD Portable Non-Contact Velocity Tach Gauge Tester


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This instrument is a tachometer with high precision and quick response.
Can be widely used to measure the rotating speed of the impeller, roller and shaft.
With 3pcs of reflective tape to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
Can set up the impeller quantity: 1-9.
Max. and min. value display.
2 measuring units: rps or rpm.
LCD display with backlight.
Auto power off.

Display: 5 digits LCD Display
Units: rpm, rps
Laser Power: 5mW Class 2
Measuring Range: 100-3000rpm; 1.7-500rps
Resolution: 0.1rpm(100-999.9rpm); 1rpm(1000-30000rpm); 0.1rps(1.7-100rps); 1rps(100-500rps)
Accuracy: ±(0.1%n+5d)rpm,(100-9999.9rpm); ±(0.02%n+2d)rpm,(10000-30000rpm)
Sampling Rates: 1/sec
Number of Impeller Setting: 1-9
Time Base: Quartz Crystal
Circuit: Exclusive one-chip of microcomputer LSI Circuit
Detecting Distance: 3.9-15.7″(100-400mm)
Operating Condition: -10~50°C; 10%-90%RH
Storage Condition: -20~60°C; 10%-75%RH
Power Supply: 3 * 1.5V AAA Batteries(not included)

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