Digital LCD Display Multi function Power Voltage Current Meter


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-power consumption meter monitor: 0.5w
-operating Voltage: 230V AC-
Frequency Display: 50Hz
-Operating Current: Up to  16A-
Wide Voltage Range: 230V-
250V-Set the wattage display 0 watt-9999 watts, but the actual wattage display is 0- 3680 watts
-timing display range: 0 seconds-9999 days
-voltage display range: 0 volts 9999 volts
-current display (amps): 0.000A-16.000 A
-frequency display: 0 hz-9999 hz
-price display range: 0.00 Cost / kwh <99.99 cost / kwh
-total kwh and cost display: 0.000 KWh-9999 kwh, 0.00 cost effective 9999 cost-
2 pin EU plug
-feature indicator
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