Dot Matrix Module For Arduino Microcontroller


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Module parameters:
1. A single module can drive an 8 * 8, a total of Yin lattice
2. The module working voltage: 5 v
3. The module size: 12.8 cm X 12.8 cm X 1.3 cm wide
4. 64 fixed screw holes, aperture 3 mm
5. Modules with input/output interface, support for multiple modules cascade

Connection details:
1. The module for the input port on the left, the right for the output port.
2. The control of a single module just needs to input ports from the CPU
3. Multiple modules cascade, 1 CPU module of input, output meet the input end of the second module, the output end of the second module meet the input end of the third module, and so on…
51 single chip microcomputer, for example:
The VCC – 5 v
DIN – P2.2
CS – P2.1
The CLK – P2.0


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