HX-3S-FL25A-A Li-ion 18650 Battery Protection Board




Model: HX-3S-FL25A-A
Size: 56mm * 45mm * 1.2mm
Voltage range: 4.25-4.35v ± 0. 05 V
Discharge voltage range: 2.3- ± 0 3.0v. 05 V
Maximum operating
current: 0-25aMaximum transient current: 34-40a Quiescent
current: less than 30ua
Internal resistance: less than 100mΩ Working
temperature: -40 – + 50 ℃
Storage conditions: -40 – + 80 ℃
Effective life: more than30000h

1. strictly according to diagram wiring: 0 V (B-) 3.7 V (B1) 7.4 V (B2) 11.1 V (B +), no  short circuit.
2. After the line is connected, it must load first, then have output.
3. When the battery is connected in series with 3 groups, please make sure that the voltage of each battery is the same. If it is not the same,
please fill each set of batteries and then use.
4. Do not mix the good battery and the battery.
5. The capacity of the internal resistance of the battery will be better.

Attention: Do not mix the good battery and the poor battery to use.
The internal resistance of 3 battery capacity is closer will be better.
Please, buyers, know the professional knowledge of this module before buying

Packages included:
1 x PCB protection plate
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