Kitbon DC 3-30V USB Digital Safety Tester Multimeter, Current and Voltage Monitor


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Multifunctional: This USB instrument can monitor voltage, current, capacity, power, load resistance, D+/D- voltage, charging time and other data. It supports QC2.0/QC3.0, BC1.2, Apple Iphone 2.4A and other various smart phones and chargers.
Wide Test Range: 0-5.0A. Wide voltage range: 3-30V. This USB digital multi-meter is specially designed to protect your cell phone charging, the real capacity of your power bank and real time charging data detecting.
Complete Protection: Keep you and your devices safe with real-time monitoring of charge data, USB monitor will automatically cut off when the device is full charged.
Unique Design: Exclusive design allows both USB sides to be used when connecting the USB tester with other devices.

Input/Output Voltage: DC 3-30V, Resolution: 0.01V
Current Test Range: 0- 5.0A, Precision 0.01A
Cumulative Capacity Range: 0- 99999 mAh, precision 0.001Ah
Cumulative Energy Range: 0- 999.999mWh, precision 0.001Wh
Power Calculation Range: 0- 999.999W, precision 0.001W
Time Cumulative Range: 0- 999hours 59min 59s, Accuracy: 1s
Internal Resistance : 0-999.99 ohmsTimer: 0-24 hours
Temp. Range: 0-84â„?Accuracy: ±1% Line Loss: 0.1?


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