Linear Voltage Regulator Module BEC 4S Lipo 12V



Item Name: Linear Voltage Regulator
Input Voltage:13~17V, 4S LiPo
Output Voltage: 12V,  accuracy 2.5%
Output Current: Continuous 300mA
Size: 25*10*3mm
Suitable for FPV Camera
Compared with BEC12V, linear voltage regulator with low-ripple doesn’t interfere with the image signal
Temp. 25℃, 16V input, 12V output 300mA, 5min, the highest measured temperature is 58℃
Can be connected with extra only one 12V 1.5W LED light.
If the 3S and 4S mixed, it supports 3S battery too. Output voltage=3S voltage-1V, eg. the battery voltage is 12V, actual output is 11V, and the camera can work normally.
Package Included: 1PC*Modul

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