MACH3 Interface Board DIY CNC 6-axis Breakout Board


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  • Model:MACH3V2.1-L
  • Input voltage:16-35VDC
  • Axis: 6


  • A special high speed chip is used to process the input and output (I/O) signals. It is capable of making the machine work stably, with the features of correcting and enlarging the signals that removing the unnecessary disturb signals.
  • The computer LPT port supplies the power individually, separating from the power supply of other parts. Therefore, the computer and machine tool isolate effectively. It makes the data more secure, with further insurance of security and stability.
  • There are 5 input signals, communicating with the host computer, which are isolated by the optical coupling. Among the optical coupling isolation, the P11and P12 are high-speed, which can be used for connecting main shaft encoder, or the same demanding signal as hand wheel A, B. 12V-OUT and 5V-OUT power output interface can be used to pick some necessary power, such as the hall sensor switch and the proximity switch. There are 5 input ports, set to limit, origin, knife, start, stop, spindle speed input, MPG input and any other one of the 5 functions.
  • There are 12 output signal, which is allowed to controlling output, supporting as many as 6 axis linkage. Some of the output port is reusable functionality. Meanwhile,one port only can be used as one function.
  • There are 3 replays, P2, P3 and P4, which can support MACH3 control software programming. The relay’s on or off can be controlled through the control of MACH3 software. Each relay has attracted indicating lamp, which is more intuitive and convenient. The 3 relays can be used to control the opening and closing of the liquid coolant, mist coolant, liquid state coolant and so on. They can also be used to control the electromagnetic valve device power switch. P2 port is for the spindle, P3 port is for the cooling liquid, P4 port can be defined.
  • The high speed optical coupling isolation is used to control the rotational speed of spindle. The output port is parallel port P1, which can output the PWM signal within 2.5KHZ. On the interface board ,there is a D/A circuit, with PWM to a 0-10V. The circuit can output 0-10V level to control the inverter which only has analog speed control in the market. Thus it can control the rotational speed of the spindle. It is important that the PWM output and 0-10V output can only choose one in two. They cannot be used at the same time.
  • Interface board can be connected with the cathode or total output to the stepper drive, or servo drive (servo driver must support the digital signal).The output is the 5V level.
  • Wide input voltage power supply: 15-32VDC. The function of preventing reverse connection protection. 2 groups of output voltage: 5V and 12V voltage, 100MA output capacity

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1 X Mach3 Interface Board


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