Multifunction Digital display AC volt+Amp+Watt meter PZEM-061



1.Electrical parameter measurement function: voltage, current, active power, energy, frequency, power factor
2.Overload alarm function: overpower alarm threshold, backlight, and power flashing to alarm
3. Power alarm threshold preset function: can set power alarm threshold
4. The energy can be reset using the key
5.Store data when power off
6. Large-screen LCD can display six parameters at the same time
7.Backlight function

8.Key function

   Backlight control

   Short press the key to turning on or off the backlight, the backlight has a memory function, it can store the on or off state when power off.

Reset energy

   Step1: Long press the key for 5 seconds until the energy value flashes, then release the key.
   Step2: Short press the key again, then the energy value is cleared and exit the reset flashing state.
   Step3: If there is no operation on the key within 5 seconds, it means the energy value is not cleared and will exit the reset state.
Set power alarm threshold
   Step1: Long press the key until the LCD screen display “SET CLR”, then release the key to enter the setting state
   Step2: Power window displays the current power alarm value and the last digit begins to flash, then you can short press to plus 1 when there is no operating over 3 seconds, it will switch the digit position automatically, the setting method is as same as the above.
   Step3: After finish, the setting, long press the key over 5 seconds will store automatically and exit, the range of active power threshold is 0.0~2.5kW.
1. Working voltage: 80-260VAC
2. Test voltage: 80-260VAC
3. Rated power: 5A/1100W
4. Operating frequency: 45-65Hz
5. Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade

Display format:

1.Power: test range: 0-1100W, Starting measure power: 0.2W
<10W    display format: 1.00-9.99W
<100W   display format: 10.0-99.9W
<1000W  display format: 100-999W
   ≥1000W  display format: 1.00-1.10kW
2.Energy: test range: 0-999kWh
<1kWh   display format: 0-999Wh
<10kWh  display format: 1.00-9.99kWh
≥10kWh  display format: 10-999kWh
3.Voltage: test range: 80-260V
Display format: 80-260V
4.Current: test range: 0-5A,Starting measure current: 0.001A
Display format: 0.000-5.000A
5.Frequency: test range: 45-65Hz
    Display format: 45-65Hz
6.Power factor: test range: 0-1PF

    Display format: 0.00-1.00PF

Package Included:

1 x PZEM-018 Voltmeter Ammeter Power Meter

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