NEMA 17 Motor with Driver A4988 Single Axis with Shield


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Type Hybrid
Model Number 42BYG45034
Step Angle 1.8°
Step Accuracy 0.05
Rated Current/phase 0.4A
Phase Resistance 30Ω
Rated Voltage 12V
Inductance 15.5mH
Weight 0.15kg
Insulation Class B


Simple step and direction control interface

Five different step resolutions: full-step, half-step, quarter-step, eighth step, and sixteenth-step

Adjustable current control lets you set the maximum current output with a potentiometer,
which lets you use voltages above your stepper motor’s rated voltage to achieve higher step rates

Intelligent chopping control that automatically selects the correct current decay mode (fast decay or slow decay)

Over-temperature thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout, and crossover current protection

Short-to-ground and shorted load protection


1. If jumper is hit the position of ON DP,
that means 16 segments (4988) or 32 segments (8825) Jm connected motor

2. Jv connect 5v and 12v-24v power supply

3. Jc E, S, D, G, respectively corresponding to the connection
of the Enable/Step/Dir/GND drive signal output


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