NEW 1500w 30A DC Converter Boost Power Supply Module Step-up 12 -90v


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Model: SZ-BT07CCCV-A
Type: Non-isolated booster module (BOOST)
Input Voltage Range: DC 10V-60V
Input Current: 30A (max), for more than 15A
Current: 15mA(will be higher when 12V to 20V)
Output Voltage Range: 12V-83V(adjustable, default 19V)
Output Current: 18A
Constant Current Range: 0.5A-18A(+/-0.3A)
Reverse Input Protection: Support
Lower Voltage Protection: Support(adjustable from 9V to 50V)
Working Temperature:﹣40 to +85 degrees (please enhance heat dissipation if the ambient temperature is too high)
Frequency: 150KHz
Conversion Efficiency: 92%-97%(associated with the input, output voltage, current. Less voltage difference, higher efficiency.)
Over Current Protection: Support
Short Circuit Protection: Support
Reverse Input Protection: Support
Wiring with terminal(please use large current pure copper wire)
Output Power = Input Voltage×30A
Due to the limited heat dissipation area, please enhance heat dissipation if the input voltage is more than 10V or input current 10A.

Package includes:
1×Booster Module
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