RL-BI003 10 Segment 36V LED Battery Indicator



  • Works with Lead-Acid Batteries in Golf Carts, Forklifts, Trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, Scooters, Boats and More
  • Material: ABS
  • Waterproof, IP65
  • Temperature Range: -40F to 185F
  • Connection: Pin+ Battery+ Pin- Battery- C-single output for external use
  • Only when the battery is properly charged then the 10th LED (far right) will be lighted.
  • As battery’s state of charge decreases, successive LED lights up, only one at a time.
  • When 2nd (from left) LED flashes, indicating “energy reserve”. When both 1st and 2nd LED flash, indicating “empty”, the new battery is needed to replace an old one.
  • Battery indicator memorized the battery state is full when leaving the factory. When using with a new battery, it should be powered on for at least 2 minutes to indicate the real battery state.
  • Range indication: Green: 41~100%, Yellow: 21~40%, Red: 20% less.
  • Forklift trucks, Golf Carts, RV’s, Boats, Scooters and electric vehicle. etc.
  • Dimensions: Cut-off: 1.5″x1″, distance between holes: 1.75″, depth: 1.5″
  • Case Style: Front Panel Mount

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