USB Watchdog Card Computer Restart Blue Screen Mining Game Server BTC Miner



Windows x86 / x64 system for use. Include winxp, win7, win8, win10 etc.
Various compatible motherboards need to install the driver.
Applicable motherboard of various computers. Motherboard Just need and type usb interface.
In desktop software, this is your need for an accurate monitoring program, no software version than better.
Reboot timeout time 10 – 1270 seconds, you need as your necessity;

Designed for this product is automatically restarted computer when blue screen crash occurs, especially with well-used mining, server, gamers, surveillance system, etc.
How to use?

Install driver before install driver , do not connect usb usb watchdog with your computer, double click “watchdog driver .exe”, click “install”, wait install is complete.

2. Connect usb port of computer to watchdog.
The usb port of the computer to the connection watchdog. No connection cable motherboard reset pin temporarily, so the default time out time is 3 minutes, if the drive is not installed, not completed within 3 minutes, usb watchdog signal restart transmit signal. Automatic recognitionization watchdog module finishing to computer to wait.

3. configure usb watchdog monitor software configuration.
a. Open usbwatchdog V4.0.exe and set as you need.
B. Advice your reboot usb watchdog after you change your settings.

To prevent some antivirus software is running the program, please click “Allow”. Watchdog software blinks, running control panel led 1 hour, then connect usb watchdog cable motherboard reset pin. It means it crashed when the control panel led is bright for a long time.
Upgrade products are red and blue lines at all.
Dual color wire design avoids incorrect interface to connect.
Wire made maid’s industrial grade material, more stable and durable.

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