USB WatchDog for Mining Rig Unattended Operation Crash Auto Recover Reboot


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  • Brand: new
  • Interface type: USB
  • Size: approx. 40*20*10mm
  • Length of cable: approx. 1m
  • Time out restarted time: 35 seconds



  • Detect the read and write status of hard disk, if the hard disk does not read and write in 35s, the computer will be determined to be crashed and it will be restarted.
  • Can achieve unattended studio, reduce labor costs.
  • Fine workmanship and reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for mining rig, servers, surveillance systems, gaming systems, demonstration monitors.


How It Works:

  • 1. Mining Programs like Claymore has built in software watch dog, which monitors the mining program and in case of the program it self has problem on mining, it will restart the mining program or the OS to continue the mining.
  • 2. But what if the OS itself crash/hang while you have overclocked too much? In such situation,
  • 3. Your OS has already crashed/hanged so the mining program/software watch dog is also dead.
  • 4. It will stay in such condition until you manually reboot the system.


What this watchdog does:

  • 1. Connects to USB port or a hub on a PC running Windows and linux
  • 2. Reboot PC after watchdog time 35 seconds
  • 3. Blue LED show status of PC Watchdog
  • 4. Connect to mainboard, Connect to USB (USB HUB)
  • 5. Connect to Motherboard USB Header (PBD10)

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