Walkera G-3D Brushless 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal (suitable for Walkera QR X350PRO, TALI H500, and X800)

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The G-3D gimbal is a high-precision and portable 3-Axis brushless gimbal specifically designed for use with the iLook, iLook+, GoPro and Turnigy ActionCam series cameras. Adopting aluminium alloy CNC precision machining, brushless motor drive and high accuracy electronic control system, it can be widely applied to film photography, aerial photography and FPV flight. This highly precise and stable structure can ensure the aircraft accurately controls the mounted camera to keep stable during high-speed flying and take the best aerial photography pictures and videos.

The Walkera G-3D is bolt-on compatible with the Walkera QR X350PRO, X800 and TALI H500 multi-rotor aircraft.

• Full 3-Axis stabilization – yaw, tilt and roll
• Easy to use, ultra stable and accurate
• Smart design and aluminium alloy frame
• Direct drive brushless motor control and various control angles
• Seamless support for iLook, iLook+, GoPro 3 and Turnigy ActionCam
• Supports iLook, iLook+, GoPro and Turnigy ActionCam video auxiliary output
• Supports power supply voltage compensation
• Features motor drive short circuit protection
• Features real-time yaw, pitch and roll adjustment via receiver outputs
• Supports user adjustable initial tilt and roll angle
• Supports stick position mode and rate mode
• Support online firmware upgrade (UP02 and UP02 adapter required)

Operating voltage: DC 7.4V~28V (recommended 12V, 3S Li-Po battery)
Operating current: 500mA~600mA (depends on the voltage supplied and motor power)
Operating temperature: -15°C~65°C
Sensor: 3-axis MEMS gyro and 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
Control accuracy: 0.02°
Angle control range: -135°~90°(tilt); -45°~45°(roll)
Applicable camera: iLook / iLook+ / GoPro series / Tunigy ActionCam
Weight: 188g (without camera)
Dimension: 114.3×97.5×106.6mm
Box dimension: 150x127x98mm


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