WAVGAT USBasp USB ISP 3.3V / 5V AVR Programmer USB ATMEGA8 ATMEGA128 New +10 PIN Wire Support Win7 64Bit


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   USB interface for 5V power to download and target board, in case short-circuited, computer motherboard dangerous. USB power port plus a 500 mA self resettable fuse to prevent damage to the computer USB port (USB port overcurrent protection, but more than a protection more secure). When the output current is greater than 500 mA (overcurrent or short circuit), will immediately cut off the current resettable fuse to protect the computer motherboard. When the lifting of the short-circuit, self-resettable fuse will automatically return to normal conditions, the programmer can continue normal use!
specifically designed for notebook computers, the ad hoc two 3.6V regulator, a perfect match, get rid of the hidden dangers of instability of the hardware circuit level!
Hardware circuit design, does not simplify out any effect on the stability of the devices, especially the 3.6V regulator is determined not to province, to ensure that the level matching. PCB in accordance with the standards of high-speed board design, first-class stability. 10-pin isp socket mount one on the board, on the one hand, space-saving and beautiful, the most critical is not with the multiple plug and loose.
BAITE special carefully selected firmware super automatic speed control function, to obtain the best balance between stability and speed!
USBASP and parallel port download cable, and its internal firmware. Firmware version, good or bad is different, the public version of the firmware to governor jumper two steps of the governor, inconvenient and speed rating; we have carefully selected and modified the firmware to achieve multi-level automatic speed control.
An example: AVR microcontroller factory was a 1MHz internal oscillator circuit, then the firmware with a lower speed automatically download its download about 4K program shall 3 seconds; for the same model using an external 12MHz crystal microcontroller, the clock speed up can support higher download speed, download the same program, the firmware automatically accelerated, the download only to be less than one second. The above experiment reflects the automatic speed control, customers can verify their own!


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