XCMCU XC609M XC609MA Linkage CNC Control System Controller Board for Milling Machine



Condition: New

brand: XCMCU

model: XC609M, XC609MA

voltage: 24V

Power mode: direct current

 technical specifications:

Control the number of axis 1~6 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C)
Linkage axis number total linkage
Analog spindle 2
Spindle monitoring
Minimum instruction unit 0.001 mm
Maximum instruction value + 99999999 * Minimum instruction unit
Fast feed rate of 12000 mm / min
Rapid feed rate F0, 25%, 50%, 100%
Cutting feed rate of 12000 mm / min
Feed rate of 0 to 150%
Electronic gear ratio 1 ~ 65535: 1 ~ 65535
Automatic acceleration and deceleration
Positioning G00 (linear interpolation positioning)
Interpolation straight line (G01), arc (G02/G03/G12), spiral line interpolation
Returns the reference point automatically to the reference point (G28)
LCD 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen, resolution 480X320
MDI software keys 5
Single step feed X10, x1, X100
Communication interface U disk interface
External hand wheel interface
I/O interface 24/24 (extensible to 96/96)
Pause (seconds)
Quasi stop condition
Quasi stop
Storage stroke check
MDI operation has, to support multi segment operation
Reset there
Skip switch
Single run
Program protection switch
Self diagnostic function
Emergency stop
Power DC24V
Coordinate system machine tool coordinate system (G53), the workpiece coordinate system (G92, G54 ~ G59), local coordinate system (G52), coordinate system plane designation
The automatic coordinate system is set up.
Decimal point input
Auxiliary function
M2 number of auxiliary functions, M code custom, manual /MDI/ automatic control of the spindle is turning, reversing, stop; control of coolant start and stop; control of lubrication and start stop, etc.
Spindle function
Spindle function dual spindle
Tapping support
Spindle analog output, dual spindle
Tool function
The tool support function in the knife, three point centering tool
Tool compensation memory -9999.999 ~ 99, 9999.999
Tool compensation for each axis length compensation
Edit operation
Edit function parameters, diagnosis by bit input, program editing, MDI multi program execution
Storage capacity 128M
Stored program number N
Program name display Chinese, English, numbers, combination
Program line lookup
Skip optional program segment
Program switch
Display Chinese, English
Processing time, the number of parts
Spindle speed, M/S instruction
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