Data Logging Shield For Arduino Data Acquisition Module XD-204


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1. SD card FAT16 or FAT32 format and interface card. 3.3 pegelumsetzer V circuit to prevent damage to the SD card.
2. Real time clock (RTC) holding time, even if there is no connection For Arduino. Battery backup takes many years.
3. With the sample code and Library and RTC and SD, let you quickly get started. Soldering joint forming area, circuit or sensor.
4. The onboard controller is a 3.3V voltage reference and reliable operation of the SD card, the need for high-power operation.
5. United Nations work For Arduino ADK,For duemilanove,For diecimila For Leonardo / R3 or greater or higher.For ADK giant R2 / low or not supported.

Dimensions (approximately): 68x52x19mm
Reglerspannung:3.3 V
Battery: CR1220 3V (not included)
Net Weight: 22 g

Package Included:
1* data acquisition module


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