Yeeco DC 6-12V Brushless DC Motor Speed Regulator Control Module


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Brand: Yeeco

Voltage driving: DC 6-12V

Working current: lower than 1.2A

Speed control range: 0-100%, maximum 10000 rev/min

Potentiometer knob: Yes

Size: 63mm X 46mm


  • Wide voltage DC brushless motor driver board, DC 6-12V high power motor controller allow you to adjust various voltage for widely using; Lower than 1.2A working current, easy to driver motors, with over current protection and short circuit protection
  • DC brushless motor driver board with speed controlling knob, you can adjust your favourable speed of the motor by conveniently screw the knob
  • DC motor speed control driver board with working indicator light, nice to read working condition; Indicator light will turn off when over current
  • Speed controller module can connect with 3 wires and 4 wires brushless motor; 4 Wire brushless motor can also perfectly work without connecting COM interface; Motor speed regulator module with solder-less interface, simple to connect with power supply and motors
  • Brushless dc motor speed controller ideal to drive hard disk brushless motor, CD-ROM brushless motor and more


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