Bluetooth 4.0 CC2540 CC2531 Sniffer USB dongle burning line CC debugger



  • 1.Size:4.1*1.6cm
  • 2.Board Thickness:1.6mm
    3.Operating Frequency:2.405-2.485GHz
    4.Wireless Transmission Speed Rate:1Mbps
    5.Power Cosumption:<20mA (receiving);<25mA (transmission)
  • Features:
  • 1.Lead Out 8 IO Ports
    2.Debug Pin
    3.Matching Different Firmware (Sniffer And BTool) To Achieve Bluetooth Adapter And Protocol Analyzer Function
  • 4.The Dongle Can Be Used As Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Development Board
  • Use as follows:
  • The Packet Sniffer is installed on the computer and the software can be downloaded
  • 1, after the installation is complete open the software, select BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY,
  • 2, click “start” to enter, insert CC2540 Sniffer USB dongle device, the software will recognize,
  • 3, select, click on the triangle, began to catch the air
  •     At this time we can carry out the agreement analysis.
  • Some customers will use CC2540 to do DONGLE use, this time the device will need to burn CC2540_USBdongle_HostTestRelease_All.hex, open BTOOL after use.


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