TOP2013 EPROM Programmer MCU PIC AVR


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Top2013 universal Programmer is designed for MCU and EPROMs programming. The USB universal serial port is used to connect with the PC, communications, software upgrades and flexible.

TOP2013 EPROM programmer 40 pins Top2013 MCU PIC AVR


1. Full driving with 40 pins(Vpp/Vcc/GND/TTL), good for future upgrading.
2. Support 2.5V to a 6.5V device.
3. Selectable to use USB or external 5V power supplier to supply power.
4. Transmission speed is 12MHz/s.
5. Suitable to work with Desktop and Laptop.
6. With current protection function, effectively protects the programmer and devices.
7. Automatic Pin status detection.
8. 48 pins self-lock sockets.
9. Support operation system: WINDOWS7/vista/2000/2003/XP/Windows10.
10. Plastic cabinet, small size and light weight.
11. Auto detect company and type of the IC.
12. Software support: TopWin ver6.0 or newer.


1. Software
2. Actual tested Speed(PIII/800M, Windows98se, only: USB1.1)
28F320 write and check 104 seconds,
29LF320 write and check 112 seconds,
P89c58 write and check 5 seconds,
3. Size: 155mm*110mm*26mm
4. Weight for the programmer only: 275g
5. Power: < 2.5W (5V/500mA)
6. 40 Pin self-lock socket (Changeable)


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