FPV 5.8G 200mW AV Wireless TS351 Transmitter and RC305 Receiver


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Product description

5.8G Wireless FPV RX Receiver 5.8GHZ
8CH Video Receiver RC305 FPV TX Transmitter RC305 –
Receiving frequency:5725 – 5865MHz; 8channels –
Receiving sensitivity:-90dBm –
Frequency control:built – in frequency and phase lock loop – Double lines AV output:analog AV signal output –
Antenna connector:SMA(Inside the needle) –
Power supply voltage: 6.5 – 15V –
Supply current: 150mA – Receiver size: 7cm x 5.2cm x 1.3cm(aluminium alloy extrusion profiles) –
Package size: 15cm x 10.5cm x 3.5cm –
Working frequency: CH1:5705 CH2:5685 CH3:5665 CH4:5645 CH5:5885 CH6:5905 CH7:5925 CH8:5945 Applications: –
Rc Hobbies – Remote control aircraft – Remote spacecraft –
Remote control toys

Package includes: – 
1 x Receiver RC305 –
1 x Antenna –
1 x AV output terminal(about 27cm) –
1 x Power line(about 125cm with JST head)
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