Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Led Display Board Power Level Indicator


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Product introduction:
1 Intelligent electricity display board; just push trigger switch, it will auto power off display after 3 seconds
2. Static power consumption 2.3MA, and it is ignored
3. Plug in indicator light color: 25% red, 3 other green
Four. Application field: Battery charge detection; must be connected separately battery charge board positive and negative positive and negative. With a slight push trigger switch, the current electricity can be detected and divided into a battery. Comprehensive capacity divided into 4 phases of quantity. Slight push switch, the amount of electricity is displayed
Electrical display display: 25% fast light (voltage: 6.6 V); 50% second light (voltage: 7 V); 75% third light (voltage: 7.5 V); 100% fourth light ( Voltage: 8 V)
5. Size: 44 * 9 * 7.5 mm
Package included:
1 x Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator 1 2 3 4 18650 Lithium Batteries for Battery Level Indicator Board

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